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 Belem & The MeKanics


BELEM & the MeKanics, is the new project of Didier Laloy.In BELEM & the MeKanics, the instrumentation Decap used is an     orchestral ensemble of acoustic organ pipes, accordions and percussion instruments, playing alone, controlled by a computer and music software.

The organs, the “MeKanics” sing like little birds. The result is breath taking, Walter and Didier composed and arranged an unusual music, mixed between popular, contemporary, cinematographic music … a music with fellinian flavors!

The human and artistic encounter between Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam is today what Didier thinks he has created the strongest, a music that is both intimate, intense and bubbling. Needing to change course in every new creation, it seemed to him impossible not to pursue this adventure with Kathy Adam. He had to find a project that could surprise him while keeping the duo BELEM at the heart of creation. An image kept coming constantly: “a mechanical orchestra” to accompany BELEM!

His dream seemed difficult to realize, even impossible, until the day he met Walter Hus. Thanks to the return of automated organs in a High-Tech form, the dream of Didier was before his eyes, in the Walter Hus’s lab.

The result is a true jewel, at once surprising, unique in the world, refined and majestic !


Didier Laloy : diatonic accordion
Kathy Adam : cello





petit site didDidier Laloy and Kathy Adam form an atypical duo featuring diatonic accordion and cello. They are both brilliant musicians in their own right. For over 15 years they have travelled througout Europe with the group ‘Panta Rhei’, and shared the stage on many other occasions including Didiers own projects Didier Laloy Invites, [Pô-Z]s, Noir’s and Nonsens. Although we had to wait for 20 years before a direct collaboration emerged, it was well worth the wait.

For decades they’ve been thinking about experimenting with chamber music, without neglecting the expressive side. Today they provide an anthology of compositions, at the crossroads of their experiences. A strong but simple music, subtle and surprising, where silence, dynamics and the most elegant and crazy rhythms intersect. Musical images collide, and lead you on a musical journey                                                                                and unique experience.

Belem, a gentle and daring duo is the result of a long-awaited meeting between two wonderful artists.


Didier Laloy : Diatonic accordion

Kathy Adam : Cello




A firework of musical sparks that highlights the delicacy and sensitivity of the duet


Belem is the subtle crossbreed between traditional European musics and chamber music.

With the Quartz Ensemble it is the pleasure of classic music that is highlighted.

The encounter with the wind quartet causes a true firework of musical sparks that highlights the delicacy and sensitivity of the BELEM duet.

Deep breath, ardor, delicacy and sensitivity : it is a whole life that is told.


Line-up :

Didier Laloy : diatonic accordion

Kathy Adam : cello

Gérard Noack : flute

Thierry Cammaert : oboe

Daniel Demoustiez : bassoon

Mathieu Roskam : clarinet





Folk Ba-Rock


The merge between BELEM and SLANG, two leading bands of the present belgian scene, with strong and singular identities, gives birth to a musical playground that flies over times and styles.

The group manages to mix wonderfully tradition and modern sound.

BELEM gets rich of the shooting efficiency of rock rhythm with Francois Garny on bass and Michel Seba on drums as well as of the mad freedom of Manu Hermia on saxophone and flute.

SLANG gets charmed by the sweet strength of Kathy Adam on cello and the ardor of Didier Laloy on diatonic accordion.

The music that emanates from this encounter is of unquestionable artistic evidence, so much their repertoires merge and mix.


Line-up :

Didier Laloy : diatonic accordion

Kathy Adam : cello

Manuel Hermia : Sax, flutes

François Garny : bass

Michel Seba : percussions, drums





Ad Lucem: when the sprays of the North Sea gently stroke the shores of the timeless Mediterranean. 


« Ad Lucem » is a startling alliance of artists that nothing in their respective path has destined them to collaborate.

One the one side, Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam form the Belem duo featuring diatonic accordion and cello. Both are Belgian musicians of rare virtuosity. Their accomplice duo results of a long experience made of many collaborations, which gave their creations an unexpected density and richness.

On the other side, Barbara Furtuna, a Corsican vocal quartet, has kept on hitting stages all over the world for fifteen years. Their music comes from a centuries-old tradition. They now enrich their own compositions, giving them a very personal color. We have had also the thrill of hearing them in prestigious collaborations with L’Arpeggiata or Plácido Domingo.

The crossroad of these two strong cultural identities gives a subtle music where everyone manages to maintain his soul and can rely on the other to lift it. Each party alternately fades and meets again throughout this musical repertoire made of incredible harmonic content.

The six musicians take pleasure in confronting their mutual world; this can be seen and heard. They share with us the precious alchemy of a powerful and luminous music that takes us away from our daily realities.


Line-up :

Didier Laloy : diatonic accordion

Kathy Adam : cello

Jean-Pierre Marchetti : voice (terza)

André Dominici : voice (bassu)

Jean-Philippe Guissani : voice (bassu, contracantu)

Maxime Merlandi : voice (seconda)